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CrADLe Foreword by DET


For more than ten years, Crescent Girls' School has been at the forefront in the use of technologies for teaching and learning. The school was the first to introduce a 1-to-1 learning environment where the bulk of each pupil's learning experience is mediated by a Tablet PC. Through the careful design of the teaching and learning process within a pedagogically sound scaffold, the computing device serves as an integral conduit through which the pupil picks up new knowledge, and more importantly, provides the platform for collaboration. The journey from a relatively simple use of the computing device to the current transformative use has been a challenging but enriching experience for the school, one which I am most pleased to note that Crescent Girls' has negotiated with success.

As the school continues to push the frontier in the use of technologies for teaching and learning, it is important that it begins to share its good practices and learning experiences with fellow educators. Not only will this benefit the education system as a whole, the collaborative learning experience that Crescent Girls' will inevitably be engaged in while sharing can serve to further enhance its own capabilities. To this end, it is with great appreciation and anticipation that I see the setting up of CrADLe, the Crescent Academy for Digital-Age Learning. CrADLe will, over time, create a nurturing environment for mutual learning amongst its members, and strive to become an important community of learning for the use of technologies in education.

The range of activities planned under CrADLe reflects strongly the commitment of the school to contribute to the learning community. It is gratifying to note that the school's efforts are being strongly supported by iDA, NIE, Microscoft and Intel. Through collaborating with these partners, the school is better able to achieve greater impact in our system. I wish the school every success and all the participants an enjoyable year of discovery ahead.


Dr Cheah Horn Mun

Director, Educational Technology Ministry of Education