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About CrADLe


Since the introduction of mLearning@Crescent in 2004, Crescent Girls' School has established a sustainable model of enhancing teaching and learning through 1-to-1 computing. The school has garnered positive feedback from educators, both locally and globally. The structured programme and pedagogically strong use of ICT for teaching and learning led to the conferment of FutureSchools@Singapore and South Zone Centre of Excellence for ICT by the Ministry of Education, and Mentor School in Microsoft's Innovative Schools Programme. The school has also been consciously infusing the development and assessment of 21st century skills as part of our FutureSchool@Singapore initiative.

With a rich culture of being at the forefront of harnessing ICT to bring about learning approaches and outcomes for students that are relevant to the digital age, and the collective positive experiences and feedback gathered from numerous stakeholders, Crescent Girls' School is taking the lead in establishing CrADLe, implementing programmes that will help like-minded schools in their journeys towards digital age learning. With FutureSchool@Singapore phase 1 coming to a close, Crescent Girls' School has learnt much and sees the establishment of CrADLe as a structured approach to contribute back to the education fraternity, both local and international. The school's ground-up iniative will complement and be aligned with MOE's plans and directions.

In line with the school's strengths, MOE's on-going study and the interest that other local schools have shown, CrADLe will in the next three to four years focus on programmes that will help schools transform learning through 1-to-1 computing. Annual reviews will be conducted to consider if the focus needs to be shifted or broadened, in view of the need of the education fraternity.