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- NiTC Boot Camp

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17 October 2012


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Professional Development for Staff


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What People Say

  • The time given for discussion and interaction with people in charge of various area. The exchange and bouncing off of ideas was really good. It gives the opportunity to see things from a different point of view and think of various methods to solve the problem or go about the situation.
  • The almost one to one interaction allows me to look at other CGS's good practices in depth. I found ""answers"" to the many difficulties and challenges I faced when taking up the portfolio of SH/ICT. I benefited from CGS's teachers' experiences and stories.
  • Currently, I follow what has been done previously in the school. Teachers do for the seek of doing. Over at CGS, teachers are so passionate about the use of ICT and the potential in it. Teachers here are also very willing to share their ideas and success forumla to help support teachers from other schools.